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Order Form
Our Truffles
About us

Gourmet Coffee


Lattè $3.25

A double shot of espresso with freshly steamed milk and a dollop of foam

Cappuccino $3.25

A double shot of espresso with freshly steamed milk and foam

Frappuccino $3.25

A blended favorite. A double shot of espresso with cold milk and ice for that perfect afternoon pick me up

Drinking Chocolate $3.25

Venezuelan chocolate with fresh cream steamed together to that perfect temperature topped off with a dollop of cream and chocolate sauce

Gourmet Drip Coffee $1.00

Regular & Decaf


Add a flavor $0.50 each

Each flavor is made fresh in house Mix and match flavors to add a little extra to your drink!



"White Chocolate


"Irish Cream




"Sugar-Free Vanilla


Additional Items

Fresh Whipped Cream $0.50

Additional Shot of Espresso $1.50





Sweet Confections


Almond Roca

$8.00 1/2 pound

A true bliss of crunchy candy made with fresh almonds with a layer of chocolate and topped off with fresh crushed almonds


No sugar added Almond Roca

$8.00 1/4 pound

This diabetic friendly candy is made with an all natural sugar substitute that is a derivative of beats with a layer of our dark chocolate. It tastes like the original almond roca even the most sophisticated palates can’t tell the difference!



$5.00 per ½ pound

Our fudge is creamy and sweet. You won’t be able to put it down!


"Milk Chocolate

with or without nuts

"Dark Chocolate

with or without nuts

"White Chocolate

with or without nuts

"Peanut Butter

with or without nuts




Hand Dipped Pretzels

$5.00 per ½ pound



We offer shipping to anywhere

Tier 1 $2.50 each


Almond Delight

Hand rolled vanilla ganache with a candied almond topped off with crushed almonds


Luck of the Irish

A creamy chocolate filling infused with Irish cream


<멜ሒ>Black Forest

Silky dark chocolate filling with a maraschino cherry inside


Turtle Mountain Turtle

Slivers of pecans mixed with our home made creamy caramel


Grand Cherry

A sweet dried cherry that has been marinated in grand marnier placed in a creamy candy center


Sea Salt Caramel

Creamy sweet caramel made with honey that has a hint of sea salt


Tequila Sunrise

Inspired by the cocktail, Jose Cuervo and grenadine infused with our rich white chocolate



A rich creamy center made with real butter and sugar for that royal treatment we all deserve






Tier 2 $2.00 each



Hand dipped smooth chocolate ganache, rolled in a cocoa powder


Triple Truffle

White and milk chocolate filling enrobed in  dark chocolate


Java Lava

Espresso infused rich chocolate ganache with a chocolate covered espresso bean inside



Chocolate with an infused peppermint flavor


Caribbean Coconut

 sweet coconut ball with real coconut milk, covered in chocolate coated in toasted coconut



Rich, creamy, chocolate ganache, flavored with fresh orange zest



A rich creamy classic Italian inspired truffle infused with brandy and espresso



Smooth kahlua paired with a creamy filling


Cashew Butter

Cashews creamed together to make a filling that will envelop your whole mouth





Tier 3 $1.00 each


Creamy Caramel

Creamy, chewy home made caramel



Your choice of solid chocolate



Creamy peanut butter and pure strawberry jelly



Champagne flavored with fresh orange juice infused truffle


Dulce De Leche

Sweet caramelized milk covered in chocolate


Voluptuous Vanilla

Madagascar vanilla bean infused truffle


Dream Sickle

Creamy orange sherbet and vanilla flavor enrobed in a marbled white chocolate


Almond Bite

Chewy almond candy hand rolled and dipped in milk chocolate



To place an online order, please call 575-571-0606
or email us at