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About us
Cocoa Re’al began in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico in 2008 by Chocolatiers Ellen Evans and Alesha Evans, a mother-daughter team. Alesha Evans graduated from Scottsdale Culinary School and brought with her the knowledge and education of producing some of the finest chocolates. Ellen Evans has been a confectionery creator for many years in her home. Together this dynamic team brings to the table the sophisticated and simplest flavors for any palate to enjoy. After introducing the chocolates to the community at one of the local art walks, the chocolate creations drew wild buzz from locals and visitors from abroad. Since then Cocoa Re’al has established a local shop and created a web-site where our chocolates are purchased world wide. Alesha and Ellen’s grasp on ingredients, flavor profiles, and overall science of foods has led the way for chocolate creations that rival the finest Chocolatiers from around the globe.